Our Mission

Generational poverty in Haiti is a complex problem. We can solve it together.

Join the Haitian Development Network Foundation and be part of a global community dedicated to advancing knowledge and wealth for Haitians in Haiti and abroad.

Our mission is to walk with Haitians on their journey out of poverty and into generational wealth and civic responsibility.

We all deserve the opportunity to fulfill our potential in this life. That has been especially difficult given the political instability, education limitations, food insecurity, natural disasters, and violence in Haiti for generations.

Our work focuses on developing self-reliance, civic responsibility, and long-term sustainability within Haiti.

  • Food Security
  • Renewable Energy
  • Education / Trainings
  • Financial Independence

Our approach holistically understands Haiti in 3-“D”

First Democratize Haiti by educating Haitians on their constitutional duties. This will rebuild social trust and drive democratic engagement.

Second Decentralize Haiti by supporting educators with qualifications, tradeskill programs, and technology. This will accelerate economic development as modern tools are used.

Third Develop Haiti by connecting entrepreneurs with resources, training, and mentors. This will foster a thriving economy and lift out of generational poverty.