Nouveau Kiskeya 2023

Brief report on the activities realized by Nouveau Kiskeya with funding from HDN Foundation in Northwest Haiti during 2023

In 1996, a group of Haitians began brainstorming within the Haitian Development Network on achieving sustainable development in Haiti. As a result, the Nouveau Kiskeya Project was born in 2005

In 1996, a group of Haitians began brainstorming within the Haitian Development Network on achieving sustainable development in Haiti. As a result, the Nouveau Kiskeya Project was born in 2005

Société Générale de Développement S.A. (SOGEDEV), a Haitian corporation, was authorized by the Haitian government to implement the project. The project site, which covers about 12,000 acres of state-owned land, was chosen after extensive research using satellite imagery and interviews with locals. It is highly suitable for modern tourism and residential development. SOGEDEV obtained a lease of the property from the Haitian government and began the arduous work of clearing the thick cacti and other thorny shrubs to make the formerly inaccessible site accessible to investors, land planners, and engineers who needed to see the property. Hundreds of acres of land and tens of kilometers of roads were cleared in that process.

Despite facing significant challenges, the Haitian leaders of the Nouveau Kiskeya project have demonstrated unwavering commitment. After investing approximately $4 million in the planning phase, the US investors withdrew due to a lack of cooperation from the then-Haitian government authorities. However, the Haitian leaders remained steadfast, awaiting the right opportunity to propel the project forward.

The Nouveau Kiskeya property is nestled within the northwest region of Haiti, boasting 15 miles of pristine coastline. Its topography, particularly suitable for multiple-level housing communities, offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean just 5 miles off Tortuga Island, evoking a sense of awe and anticipation for the potential of this project.

The coast is primarily made up of dramatic, coral-bed cliffs and coves and several miles of undeveloped sandy beaches. The property also has a large, natural bay with sand beaches and protected areas ideally suited for a marina, resort, tourism, and cruise ship dock operations.

The vision of the Nouveau Kiskeya project is to establish educational, medical, and economic development programs designed to empower the residents, enabling them to achieve a desired quality of life based on sustaining free trade principles. These initiatives aim to boost the local economy and improve the overall standard of living.

The project aims to develop infrastructure, including roads, housing, utilities, water systems, bridges, waste treatment facilities, and solar and wind energy systems. It also aims to create economic development through hotels, marinas, an airport, schools, medical centers, an agriculture/aquaculture center, a center for artisans-craftsmen-artists, and business training centers.

The Nouveau Kiskeya Project is not just about physical development. It is about holistic growth. Its comprehensive social development programs encompass medical and dental health, hygiene, nutrition, education, and skills and business training, ensuring the well-being and prosperity of future residents.

The project aims to prepare residents to enter the local workforce and transition into the global economy, develop an exemplary global model for sustainable community development, accommodate the demand created by the three million Haitians living abroad who seek to bring their talents and skills back home, provide opportunities for people to learn valuable skills, technologies, and trade practices that otherwise would not be possible, and preserve and protect the environment while developing new centers of prosperity.

The project also aims to introduce local youth to team sports activities such as soccer, tennis, and golf, build over 40 miles of road to improve regional access and utilize a local and international network of medical, educational, and professional organizations to provide support services for the region.

The project’s products and services include resort and amenities such as a public marina with 200 to 300 slips, a day resort club, facilities, ships store, fuel service, water taxi service, a private mega-yacht marina with 200 to 300 slips, private club facilities with restaurants, ships store, fuel service, haul-out facilities, resort hotels, improved pad sales to destination “brand” name global resort chains, combined global marketing resources to benefit both the resort and Nouveau Kiskeya development, golf courses, dedicated resort and residential courses marketed as an upscale golf resort destination with a lodging component, potential location for PGA / LPGA / Sr. PGA tour event to generate Nouveau Kiskeya exposure, and teaching facilities with big-name teaching pro, a tennis center, and beach club, an international tennis center of excellence (USTA/USPTA), champions.

In short, Nouveau Kiskeya is a project with a bold vision and a determined team of Haitian leaders working tirelessly to make it a reality. With its stunning natural setting, comprehensive development programs, and world-class amenities, Nouveau Kiskeya can become a national model for sustainable community development while transforming the lives of the residents and boosting the Haitian economy.

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