Empowering Resilient Agriculture in Haiti

Unlocking the Path to Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods

Diversify for Prosperity

We believe that by encouraging poor rural households to diversify their agricultural production, we can significantly improve their food security and income. Our programs will provide education, research, and extension support to help farmers adopt a range of complementary crops and livestock, tailored to their local conditions. This approach will reduce risk, enhance productivity, and open new revenue streams for the most vulnerable communities.

Unlock the Power of Remittances

Many rural Haitian households rely on remittances from family members, but often struggle to invest these funds productively. We will work with these households to design innovative safety net programs, such as food-for-work and cash-for-work initiatives, that enable them to channel remittances into building productive assets like irrigation systems and storage facilities. This will help break the cycle of poverty and build a sustainable agricultural foundation.

Revive the Land, Restore Livelihoods

Haiti's natural resources have been severely degraded, threatening the long-term viability of agriculture. We will spearhead efforts to promote sustainable farming practices, reforest landscapes, and conserve water resources. By investing in soil and water management technologies, we can revitalize the land and empower rural communities to thrive. Additionally, we will explore opportunities for payments for environmental services, allowing households to generate additional income while preserving the precious ecosystem.

Unlock Rural Potential

To complement our agricultural initiatives, we will also focus on expanding non-farm employment opportunities in rural areas. By providing education, vocational training, and access to financial services, we will help the poorest households overcome the barriers to accessing these critical income-generating activities. This holistic approach will create a more diverse and resilient rural economy, benefiting all Haitian families.