Empowering Haiti's Small-Scale Farmers

Cultivating a Sustainable Future for Agricultural Households

Overcoming the Challenges of Small Landholdings

In Haiti, agricultural households typically cultivate small plots of land, averaging just 1.3 hectares. This mirrors the situation in many Sub-Saharan African countries, where over 80% of landholdings are less than 1.5 hectares. Female-headed households often face an even greater challenge, tending to have slightly smaller land parcels than their male counterparts.

Innovative Soil Management Practices

Despite these constraints, Haitian farmers demonstrate resilience and resourcefulness. Many engage in practices like crop rotation and leaving land fallow to improve soil fertility. This rational approach helps them maximize the productivity of their limited land, even in the face of infertile soil.

Bridging the Gender Gap in Agriculture

While male-headed households are more likely to use purchased inputs like fertilizers and improved seeds, female-headed households are not far behind. With compassionate support and equitable access to resources, we can empower all of Haiti's small-scale farmers to thrive.

Cultivating a Food-Secure Future

Agriculture is the backbone of rural Haiti's economy, with the majority of households growing food crops and nearly half also cultivating cash crops. By investing in these hardworking farmers, we can help build a more food-secure future for Haiti's communities.