Empowering Haiti's Rural Farmers

Unlocking the Path to Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods

Diversify for Prosperity

We believe that diversifying agricultural production is key to increasing income and improving food security for Haiti's rural households. Through educational campaigns, research, and targeted extension services, we'll help farmers adopt a wider range of crops and livestock, tailored to their local conditions. By investing in their diversified operations, families can build a more resilient and profitable future.

Unlock the Potential of Non-Farm Work

Many of Haiti's poorest rural households lack the assets and access needed to take advantage of non-farm employment opportunities. Our programs aim to bridge this gap, providing vocational training, financial support, and connections to rural enterprises. By empowering these households, we can help them generate additional income and manage risk more effectively.

Invest in Remittances, Invest in the Future

We understand that immediate consumption needs often take priority for rural families receiving remittances. Our innovative safety net programs will encourage these households to direct a portion of their remittances towards productive agricultural investments. This will help break the cycle of poverty and build a more prosperous future.

Reviving the Land, Reviving Livelihoods

Restoring the health of Haiti's natural resource base is critical for the long-term well-being of rural communities. Through sustainable farming practices, reforestation efforts, and innovative payment for environmental services schemes, we're working to reverse land degradation and ensure a thriving agricultural foundation for generations to come.