Bridging the Education Gap

Overcoming Poverty in Rural Haiti

Rural households in Haiti face staggering rates of poverty, with over 70% living on less than $1.98 per day. The situation is even more dire in remote regions like Nord, where over 67% of the population lives in extreme poverty. This devastating cycle must be broken to give these communities a chance at a brighter future.

Empowering Rural Haiti Through Quality Education

Education levels in rural Haiti are shockingly low, with household heads averaging just 2.8 years of schooling. This gender gap is even more pronounced, with female heads reporting only 1.9 years on average. Empowering these communities through access to quality education is crucial to unlocking their full potential.

Investing in Infrastructure

Rural Haitians lack basic access to essential infrastructure like electricity, clean water, and proper waste disposal. This severely limits their ability to thrive and undermines the country's development goals. By prioritizing these critical needs, we can transform the living conditions in Haiti's rural heartland.

Uplifting the Poorest Households

The most vulnerable rural households, often headed by women, face the greatest challenges with food insecurity and earthquake-related damages. Targeted interventions to support these families can break the cycle of poverty and build a more resilient, equitable future for all of Haiti's rural communities.