Chicken Distribution Program 2023

Brief report on the chicken distribution program realized by Seed Haiti with funding from HDN Foundation in Northwest Haiti during 2023

With funding received from HDN Foundation in 2023, Seed Haiti was able to achieve the following:


  • 200 Chickens Given to 100 Families
  • 100 gallons of chicken feed distributed to families
  • 96 chicken coops constructed
  • 100% of chickens vaccinated
  • 1 veterinarian hired
  • 47 chickens currently laying eggs
  • 10 eggs laid per chicken on average
  • 20 widows enrolled
  • 13 elderly beneficiaries enrolled
  • 3 disabled beneficiaries enrolled
  • 2 blind beneficiaries enrolled

200 Chickens Given to 100 Families

100 families in the Northwest of Haiti received a rooster and a hen for breeding as a sustainable solution to food insecurity.

100 Gallons of Feed Distributed

Each family received 4 liters (approximately 1 gallon) of corn at the start of the project to be ground for feeding the chickens.

20 Widows Enrolled

The project committee decided to ensure that the most vulnerable members of the community were included in the program. As a result, 20 widows, 13 eldery, 3 disabled, and 2 blind individuals were selected as beneficiaries.

96 chicken coops constructed

To minimize loss of chickens to predators, participants were required to have chicken coops constructed prior to receiving chickens.

200 Chickens Vaccinated

All chickens in the program were vaccinated to protect the chickens from diseases common to chickens in Haiti.

1 Veterinarian Hired

An experienced veterinarian was hired to administer vaccines, lead mandatory trainings for participants, and oversee the raising of the chickens for the duration of the program.

47 Chickens Currently Laying Eggs

The chickens began laying eggs within weeks of distribution with 47 chickens already having laid an average of 10 eggs per hen.


Watch testimonials directly from beneficiaries of the project.

"Very happy"

“I’m very happy and I pray that God will expand the project beyond chickens.”

"God bless you"

“The chickens will then allow us to have, cows, goats, and sheep… God bless you!”

"It's a beautiful thing."

“This is my chicken. Here is the chick that hatched. It’s a beautiful thing.” -Beneficiary

Project Committee

The project was lead by Mr. Julien Valsaint and the project committee as listed below:

Julien Valsaint: President
Olvide Phanord: Vice President
Silas Dorvil: Treasurer
Orlega St. Val: Vice Treasure
Brisson Julmiste: Secretary
Laurenceau Valcin: Vice Secretary
Wilder St. Val: Advisor

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