Agriculture Development

Empowering Haiti's Farmers: Unlocking the Potential of Small-Scale Agriculture

Compassionate Support for Haitian Farmers

In Haiti, we've uncovered a troubling paradox – larger farms are less productive than smaller farms. This inverse relationship between farm size and agricultural productivity is a common finding in developing countries, often stemming from issues like limited access to credit, irrigation, labor, and essential inputs. But there's hope – our research reveals that remittances from abroad can significantly boost the productivity of small-scale farmers, helping to bridge this gap.

Overcoming Barriers, Empowering Farmers

Our analysis shows that increasing expenditure on purchased inputs like fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds, as well as investing in labor, can significantly boost agricultural productivity. This is especially true for smaller, resource-constrained farmers who rely more heavily on household labor. Additionally, crop diversification appears to be a valuable risk management strategy, potentially enhancing productivity through the benefits of intercropping.

Leveraging Remittances for Positive Change

The data suggests that remittances from abroad play a crucial role in supporting the productivity of the smallest landowners, who are often the most financially constrained. This additional income can make a meaningful difference in enabling these farmers to access the essential resources they need to thrive.

A Brighter Future for Haitian Agriculture

By addressing the barriers faced by small-scale farmers, providing targeted support, and harnessing the power of remittances, we can unlock the immense potential of Haiti's agricultural sector. Together, we can empower these hardworking individuals, improve food security, and foster a more prosperous future for all.

Unleash the Power of Productive Alliances

Our "Productive Alliances" model links producer groups directly with lucrative markets, enabling small-scale farmers to capitalize on new opportunities. This holistic approach tackles the multi-faceted challenges facing Haiti's rural economies, empowering communities to thrive.